SMS getaway solution/ Bulk sms

Bulk SMS is expert solution to express you professionally. IT-FAST have 1 years of experience in providing messaging solutions. We are providing international standard SMS by which you can promote your product. You can send group SMS to your client easily. First you need create a group and start sending SMS. You can also send schedule SMS to your clients because you don’t have enough time to west. We have a passion to excel in the field of SMS marketing and help you succeed in your endeavor too. IT-FAST has its roots firmly placed in the field of SMS marketing because of the following credentials.


  • 24X7 accessibility across all services.
  • No Spam.
  • 100% guarantee in delivery of messages in Bangladesh.
  • No hidden costs. All packages are cost effective.
  • No headache of installing complicated software.
  • Ready to use software online & offline.
  • Can be integrated with various plug-ins and web applications.
  • 2-way benefit for both customer as well as business house.
  • Quick delivery of messages. And delivery reports on demand.
  • Services are accurate and effective.