Corporate Networking

Businesses rely on their network infrastructure to be fast, reliable, scalable and flexible enough to handle an ever increasing variety of critical applications. Ensuring secure, optimal performance among the many components that make up these networks is no easy task. IT-FAST Managed Network Services are designed to mitigate these difficulties by combining physical network, maintenance, monitoring and management into a simple service, allowing your IT staff to concentrate on the applications that deliver value to the business rather on the performance of the applications and the network on which they reside.


  • Network design, implementation and management.
  • Network monitoring and critical event notification.
  • Change and lifecycle management.
  • Fault resolution.
  • Performance reporting.
  • Managed Firewall with VPN
  • Threat Detection and Mitigation
  • Assessment and Remediation.
  • Customers Tools can be instrumented and integrated into SEM engine for automated correlation.
  • Triangulation of Threats from the outside and from within the customers network contribute to the solution.